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The First Blog Post: Ideas & Examples To Inspire You To Get Started

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Everything in life which is experienced or done for the first time feels special, indeed. The first day at college, the first day at work, the first love; we all have unforgettable memories associated with these special first moments. Your first blog post is no different. It in-fact acts as a perfect medium to leave your first impression on the digital world. Goes without saying, your first blog post must also be a special one! Through this post, I’ll explain how to write your first blog post like a craftsman and leave a solid impression on the blogosphere.

What should your first blog post be about ?

Your first blog post should essentially start with a brief introduction about you and your newly created blog. You should touch upon why you’ve created your new blog, the topics you’ll be covering and what your readers can expect from it. In a nutshell, your first blog post should be nothing more than a brief and satisfying introduction about you and your newly created blog. Still not sure how to really get started? Don’t worry. I’ll be sharing how to write your first blog post step by step. So let’s dive in.

Ideal template for first post on a blog:

The first post on your blog should ideally be formatted into 3 parts: Introductory, Main and Concluding. The introductory part of the blog post should essentially contain a brief profile of the author along with the blog. The main part should answer questions like what you’ll be blogging about? What segment of people will your blog cater to? How can they benefit from your articles? Finally, the concluding paragraph should encourage your readers to connect with you through social media, email, blog subscription or any other way in which you feel appropriate.
For your convenience, I’ve designed this beautiful infographic, which I believe that you’ll definitely find useful in formatting your first blog post perfectly!

Copy and paste the below code on your website to share this infographic:

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How to write your first blog post? (With examples)

Now that we have the ideal template ready, let’s learn how to write our first post, step by step:

Para. 1: Introduce yourself

Start addressing your readers with a warm welcome note, touching upon their wellbeing, greeting them well and gradually go ahead and introduce yourself. Tell them your name, the place you belong to, your passion, hobbies, skills and then finally your goals that you wish to accomplish with your new blog. You should also introduce your new blog in this paragraph; essentially including details like the name of your blog, why did you so name your blog? Ensure that you maintain a candid and personal tone while writing about all these details. An invigorating tone will win the confidence and trust of your readers. Here’s an example to guide you how to write the introductory paragraph for your first post:

An example of how to write introductory paragraph

Para. 2: Give details about your new blog

Here you should share all the relevant details about your new blog. What topics will you be writing about? How is your blog going to benefit your readers? What value will it provide? What does the profile of your readers look like? These are some questions you should definitely answer in this section. If you’ve got a logo designed for your new blog, don’t hesitate to share that as well. Here’s an example to inspire you:


Para. 3: Connect with your readers

Finally, conclude your first post with a note of thanks to your readers. Sharing links to your social media profiles and email address will not only add credibility to your profile but also at the same time, will encourage your readers to connect with you. In a nutshell, you’ve to craft this piece of paragraph in a way that could show that you are amiable, approachable and receptive to feedback and new ideas on your blog. This facilitates a strong relationship with your readers. After all, a happy and loyal readership is the foundation of a strong blog. Here’s an example to take some inspiration:


Do’s and Don’ts for your first blog post:

Now let’s recapitulate and wrap up the learnings in this post through Do’s and Don’ts.

Things that must be done ✅:

  • Introduce yourself along with your blog. Your first post will be meaningless if you skip this part.
  • Share your personal experiences and skill sets that propelled you to create your new blog.
  • Be yourself. Maintain your true voice and discover your unique writing style!
  • Share your photos – one should ideally be your personal portrait and one should be your blog logo. This builds up trust and brings transparency to your business.
  • Proofread your post before hitting the publish button. Even minor spelling and grammatical mistakes can leave your readers unimpressed.

Things that you should refrain from doing ❌:

  • Don’t get too personal. It’s useless to share your personal details that transgress your individual boundaries. For example, refrain from sharing details about your family and anything that’s related to your core personal life.
  • Don’t think about SEO and marketing. Your first blog post should be dedicated to your readers. It’s useless to think about keyword research and rankings at this very point.
  • For the sake of a brief introduction, don’t finish it up in 2 or 3 sentences only. Follow the ideal template which has been shared above.

Your thoughts?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you did, please share it and help spread the knowledge. It will make my day, and all these efforts, worth it. Any feedback? Questions? Don’t hesitate to drop your comments below.

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