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A brief description of the blog

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Budding Geek is a technology blog, crafted with elements of elegance, uniqueness, simplicity and quality in mind. The blog was launched in June 2012 on Blogger platform provided by Google. Later on, in 2014, the blog was successfully migrated to self-hosted WordPress platform, owing to the limitations of the Blogger platform.

You can expect the blog to cover the following technology topics –

  • Blogging tips and resources to help you create a better blog
  • Social media and internet marketing tips to help you market your website &…
  • Some useful tips for android lovers!

Now, a little about this weird name – Budding Geek!

Does the name “Budding Geek” sound weird to you? 😀 You’re not alone. Many of my friends and even my father has expressed the same attitude towards this name. I decided to go for this name ensuring that it should be unique, short, easy to remember and most importantly, it should reflect the theme of my blog! Here’s what it means –

Budding means someone evolving, still learning and developing &… Geek means someone who’s obsessed with technology and gadgets. Someone who just can’t stop talking about computers, websites, blogs, mobile phones and all things tech!

Meet the team

Abhishek Raj  (Owner & Editor-in-Chief)

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Abhishek Raj is the owner and editor-in-chief at Budding Geek. He is a firm believer in ‘quality’ and a digital marketing iconoclast, who just can’t tolerate traditional and spammy content marketing techniques in the modern world. He worked very hard, day and night to build Budding Geek from scratch to a brand name known to the world today!

How it all started?

I’ve always been fascinated by websites and gadgets.  I heard the word “blogging” for the first time ever in the year 2008. After spending a good 2 years experimenting and learning the abc of blogging, I created my first professional blog – Digital Camera Photography in the year 2010. My photography blog was a grand success. I still remember, how I recovered the cost of my first digital camera through my photography blog itself, within 1 year of its launch! Though the blog is still alive, I’m not that actively devoting myself there. Alas, I wish I had enough time to take care of my first brainchild :/

My blogging expertise, and why you should care to read what I write?

I’ve been blogging since 2010. My 5 year long blogging journey has helped me understand the dynamics of successfully building, promoting and monetizing a blog. Frankly, so far, blogging has earned me around $1200 (totaling all revenue by ad networks, direct ad placements, sponsored stories and link ads). I know that’s a small amount and it’s nothing to brag about, but earning even this much on a part-time basis certainly doesn’t hurt. Does it?

Apart from maintaining this blog, I’ve a good web presence on many authoritative websites as well. I’ve been a guest blogger on the following reputed websites and brands –

problogger logo   social-media-today-logo   business2community-logo

basic blog tips logo           Craving-Tech-logo       logo - marketing land

and many more….

You can contact me at abhishek(at)buddinggeek(dot)com

Puneet Bhalla (Digital Marketing Strategist | Brand & Community Manager)


Puneet Bhalla, from Gurgaon, is the brand & community manager at Budding Geek. He is a passionate Online Marketing pro with a great blend of creativity and technology right under his sleeves. He believes in “Quality” work and has 3 years of painful yet fruitful experience with blogging , where sometimes he landed up completely screwing up his personal website whilst his unprecedented and avant-garde experiments(though he fixed them quickly 😛 ) , and the other times he got wonderful outcomes in his blogging journey.

He is great with web analytics, social media buzz creation, and technical SEO. Apart from devoting his valuable time to increase user engagements and improving social presence of Budding Geek , he is busy setting up his new Internet Marketing Blog.


You can contact me at puneet(at)buddinggeek(dot)com or at contact(at)puneetbhalla.com

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