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Blogging Basics #2 – How To Write A Perfect Blog Post?

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Hi guys, I’m back with my blogging basics and this time I’m gonna share with you – some tips to help you publish your first blog post! Call it – the secret recipe of a perfect blog post, or the anatomy of an ideal blog post, you name it 😀

In case you feel a little lost and incongruous while reading this post, let me mention that this post is a sequel to my previous post in the “blogging basics series”. OK, so let’s continue…

Here’s the chronology of an ideal blog post creation process:

1. Make a draft

editing and corrections

To most of you, creating a blog post may look like a 2 step process – write and publish. Unfortunately it’s not that easy as it seems. There are a lot of things required to be done in between the two steps! The first thing is – making a rough draft of your ideas, no matter how amorphous they get. You can compose your draft on whatever you like – PC, your favourite note-taking app, or even on a piece of paper (it totally depends upon your comfort level). I personally like composing drafts using the Evernote app on my mobile phone with head phones plugged into my ears, playing my favourite songs. The major benefit of using this app is that, once you’re finished with your draft, you can sync it across all your devices and get the same note everywhere – your PC, your Mac, your iPhone, your Android, you name it!

2. Editing and corrections

You can’t expect your draft to be flawless in the first go. You need to look for some common editorial mistakes like – spelling, grammar, punctuation, right sequence and unnecessary repetition of words. Though your note-taking app/software can pin-point some silly spelling mistakes in the first place, but it may not probably help you with grammar, punctuation and logical sequencing! No wonder, editing at this stage demands you to be an acute copy-editor 🙂

3. Read and re-read it as a “reader”

Revised your draft? Wonderful. Now you need to read your own post simulating as one of your readers. Might sound stupid, but that’s important. Why? Because doing this will give you a clear insight of what your post might sound like to your readers online – boring, pedantic, emotional, funny, controversial, inspirational or intriguing? So, if you intend to share an inspirational post but that sounds too much self-conceited, you’ll probably need to rework 🙂

4. Make a final version

Now, it’s time to give a final shape to your writing. Readers generally don’t like to read a severely plain blog post that’s too heavy on text. 90% of your readers won’t be reading your post word by word. They are short on time and usually have a very short attention span. So always make a habit of breaking your post into small, coherent and logical sets of paragraphs, headings and sub-headings that can be easily digested by your readers. Further, make sure that you’re using a uniform font family and size for your post – this will make your post look clean and easy on the eyes.

5. Add photos/videos

Adding relevant images to your blog post will have 2 main benefits – First, they will immediately grab the attention of your readers. Second is the possibility to attract traffic to your post via Google image search. OK, that’s cool. But from where should you get photos for your blog? Check out this post by Mandy on Daily blog tips! 🙂

6. Hit publish!

Now that your post looks beautiful and polished, go and hit the publish button! 😀

Some small things that’ll make a big difference:

1. Be yourself

Just like YOU, your writing too has its own personality. The way you use the words and the way you present your overall content defines the personality of your writing to your readers. No wonder, it has to be unique, just like the way YOU are!

2. Be conversational

By not being conversational in your post, you’re making it plainly boring and monotonous for your readers. If your post sounds like an English comprehension passage, it’s not at all a reader-friendly post. Write as if you’re chatting with someone and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to write a conversational post.

3. Look at your ambiance

blogging ambiance image
photo courtesy – AlexZiv @Flickr

Do you think you will be able to write well, being surrounded with your friends/relatives, chatting with them and watching TV at the same time? Very unlikely! Isn’t it? Your ambiance has the power to shape the quality of your thoughts. Therefore, choose an environment that’s calm and harmonious to your thoughts, feelings and nature. The results will be amazing. Try it, feel it 🙂

4. Write from your heart

Don’t feel it as an obligation to write. Whenever you write, write from your heart or else just don’t write anything – The rule is simple enough.

Your thoughts?

I hope this post serves as a definite guide to new bloggers and amateur writers. What other things do you think are indispensable for ‘a writing that creates an impact’? I’m looking forward to your creative thoughts 🙂

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  1. Now that’s a perfect post 😀
    I agree with what @disqus_9nSX6PjYXR:disqus mentioned in her comment – ambiance matters a lot. A peaceful and harmonious ambiance always begets creative thoughts. Worth-sharing post.

  2. This is an Awesome Post!!
    I Especially Agree With The Ambiance and Be Yourself Part.. It Reflects in Post So Much!

    A Very Helpful Post! 🙂

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