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How To Choose a Good Name For a Blog? 5 Tips With Examples

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To choose a good name for a blog is just as important as choosing the right blogging platform and themes. But hey, what’s in a name? We all spend a great deal of time thinking about that perfect name. Be it the name of your baby, your pet or even your email, you will agree that naming is a time consuming exercise. Choosing a good name for a blog is not an exception. If you’re just starting out with blogging, then coming up with a good blog name might seem an even more overwhelming task. It happens, and it is natural. In this post today, I will share some useful tips and ideas to help you come up with unique and interesting names for your blog.

Before we discuss the tips and ideas, let’s first understand why is it so important? It’s important to choose a good name for a blog because:

  • If your website gets popular, the name you choose has the potential to become a brand name in the future. So you’ve to choose it carefully, right at the very beginning!
  • Once your blog starts growing, renaming/re-branding your blog is not a good idea. It confuses your readers and disappoints the search engines as well. Your website looses authority, and regaining it takes even more time and efforts.

Characteristics of a good blog names:

Good blog names are:

  • Short in length
  • Easy to pronounce, spell and remember
  • Unique
  • Catchy. They sound naturally pleasant to your heart.
  • Good blog names do not contain numbers and special characters
  • They instantly show what the blog is all about

5 tips to help you choose a good name for a blog:

You can come up with a good name for your blog using the following five (5) tips:

1. Personal: Based on names of individuals

personal blog names - illustrative image
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

If you wish to create a blog using your own name, it will fall under the personal category. It could be your own real name or any other pseudonym that you may wish to use. For example, if I create a blog using my name, I would like to name it as – abhishekraj.com. The key benefit of using personal blog names is that it brings you to the forefront and establishes you as a good expert and authority within your niche or area of expertise. People love connections which are personal and have a face. However, poor availability of domain names (based on personal names) is one of the problems that you might face. I therefore recommend that if you wish to choose a blog name using this approach, start as early as possible!

Some good examples under this category are – robinsharma.com, jayshetty.me & sethgodin.com

2. Based on niche specific keywords:

blog names based on niche specific keywords - illustrative image
Image by Wokandapix from Pixabay

General words specific to a particular niche can also sometimes form unique blog names. For example, if someone is blogging in the digital photography niche, then one can create impressive and unique blog names using niche specific keywords like camera, lens, pixels, photography, studio, shutter, film, etc.

Some good examples are – Peta + Pixel, Digital + Photography + School & Photo + Focus.

Similarly, in the technology/digital marketing niche, we can come up with a good name for a blog using keywords like tech, geek, marketing, traffic, passive income, money, blogger, search engine, etc.

Some good examples are – Pro+Blogger, Smart+Passive+Income, Marketing + Land, Copy + Blogger

3. Based on relevant noun, verb and adjectives:

blog names based on noun/verb/adjectives
Photo by Sandy Millar on Unsplash

We can also come up with some awesome blog names using relevant noun/verb/adjectives pertaining to a specific niche. For example, in the technology/web2.0 niche, we can combine relevant verbs like read and write to arrive at ReadWrite – a popular web technology blog. Similarly, we can also combine nouns like life and hacker to arrive at LifeHacker – another popular web technology blog.

4. Based on niche specific keywords + relevant noun/verb/adjectives

This category creatively combines point number 2 and 3, as discussed above. If we combine niche specific keywords with relevant noun/verb/adjectives, we can come up with even more unique and interesting names for blogs. For example, consider combining the word android (niche specific keyword) with authority (a noun) – Android Authority. Similarly, consider combining Mac/PC (niche specific keyword) with World (a noun) – Mac World & PC World. I also named my blog using this approach. I combined geek (niche specific keyword) with budding (an adjective) to finally make Budding Geek.

5. Branded names:

branded blog names - illustrative image
Photo by davisco on Unsplash

This category of blog names is special in the sense that it aims to create such names, which may sound unique, yet weird at the same time. I mean, weird to the point that it’s hard to guess what the blog or website is all about merely by looking at its brand name.

Mashable, Labnol & The Verge are few good examples belonging to this category of blog names.

Blog Name Generators: Are they worth your time?

When thousands of blogs and websites are being registered every single day, unavailability of good blog names is a real problem. It’s likely that someone else has already taken the blog name you like. So how will you standout with a unique and meaningful name for your blog? There are two solutions here:

  1. Create a unique branded name for your blog. (Refer point no. 5 above)
  2. Take help of blog name generators

Blog name generators help you create all permutations and combinations of relevant words/phrases for your blog name. But take this with a pinch of salt – the suggestions are machine based with almost no application of creativity. So I recommend that you do not rely on them blindly. They are helpful in creating patterns on selected words and phrases, but then you’ve to use your own intelligence and creativity to benefit most from these suggestions! If you’re interested in using blog name generators, then here is a good article on makeawebsitebub.com with a list of 9 best blog name generators.

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Your feedback?

I hope that you enjoyed reading this post. What’s your blog name? How did you name it? What strategies and tips were helpful to you to come up with a good name for your blog? Please leave your comments below. I look forward to an engaging discussion.

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  1. Personal branded names for blog are best when you aim or aspire to become an author in the future. It builds up your portfolio. Great post!

  2. Enjoyed reading this post. In my opinion blog name generators are a waste of time. The best blog names are a result of deep thinking only.

    • Thanks for your comment Aubrey. I think they aren’t a complete waste of time since sometimes they help us with such patterns of unique names that are otherwise difficult to think on your own.

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