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Tips For New Bloggers (Learnings From My 8 Years of Experience)

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Blogging is an exciting and incredible way to share your knowledge and thoughts with the world. The first and the most difficult step in accomplishing anything great is to BEGIN it. So if you’ve already taken the first step to launch your new blog, then CONGRATULATIONS! But as a new blogger, it’s common to have anxiety to creep in, it’s common to few overwhelmed about the technicalities involved and to have apprehensions about how the things will work out for you! Don’t worry! In this post, I’m going to share 5 golden tips for new bloggers that will help allay all the fears and apprehensions that may surround this breathtaking journey!

Tip No. 1: Discover your passion

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One of the best tips for new bloggers is this – “Discover your passion and interest, even before you begin writing your first blog post!” Blogging in the long term is sustainable and exciting only when you can fuel enough time, passion and creativity regularly, without getting exhausted. And if you’re writing about the topics that are of interest to you, I’m sure that you’ll be in a much better position to grow your blog with the required passion and energy.

For example, my first blog was on digital photography. Though I still like photography, but over the time, I realized that neither I had the professional photography equipment, nor the required time and desire to further my learnings. Eventually, I lost my interest in writing about it and the blog started decaying. It’s therefore very important that you take your time to discover your true passion. Because blogs built on true passion are the ones which stand the test of time 🙂

Tip No. 2: Treat your blog right from day one

Whatever you wish to accomplish from your blog, you’ve to treat it right from day one! For example, if your primary aim is to generate huge traffic and make money online from your blog, you’ve to treat it like a serious business from day one. On the other hand, if your goal is something else, for example, just sharing your personal thoughts and ideas on your blog, then treat it very personally from day one. 

Tip No. 3: Avoid plagiarism

As a new blogger, it’s very tempting to copy-paste content and re-brand it as your own. But let me tell you, this is a very terrible practice. You know why? Because it will lead you to nowhere. By doing this, you’ll first harm your reputation as a blogger, and then you will upset the search engines as well.

These days, search engines like Google are pretty smart. They run on complex artificial intelligence models that can easily distinguish between your copied piece of content and the original source of the article. Your search engine rankings will hurt. Worse? Google can also de-index (wipe of) your entire website from its database. On a personal note, how would you feel when your originally written content is copied and published somewhere else, and that too without your permission? You will feel terrible. Won’t you? So keep yourself away from such ill practices.

Tip No. 4: Perseverance is the key to success

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This is another golden tip for new bloggers. Blogs do not grow to exponential traffic levels overnight. They essentially take your hard-work, persistent efforts and time. As a new blogger, it’s therefore natural to feel exhausted and helpless when you see your hard-work not translating into immediate results. You should not let this happen. Here are some of the things you should do when you see such disappointment setting in:

  • Take a short break – Sometimes we just need to press the pause button in life to refresh ourselves.
  • Remember that you are not alone. Talk about your concerns with fellow bloggers on appropriate forums.
  • Maintain a consistency in writing your blog posts. Don’t let this temporary demotivation derail you from your path to success.
  • Motivate yourself. Sometimes you have to clap on your own at your masterpiece when you are alone in the room.

Eventually, with the required hard-work, motivation and consistency, no one can stop your blog from touching the stars!

Tip No. 5: Be Patient and Optimistic

There will be times when your blog will lose its regular organic traffic levels due to several reasons like – update in search engine’s ranking algorithm or people losing interest in searching for particular keyword terms. Every blogger faces such situations at some phase of his/her blogging career. So never lose your hope and passion for blogging. It’s such a wonderful journey to see your blog growing from scratch to zenith and remember that it’s not a one night magic. It takes some time.

What are your thoughts?

Are you new to blogging? Please comment below to let me know your honest feedback on this article. Are there any further pain points that went unaddressed? Please share them too.

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  1. Very good post, I agree with point no.4. I have a question though. What if you blog on a sport, is it possible to earn money?

    • Hi Dev, i can’t say it with utmost certainty that sports is a profitable niche. I will outsource the information and will surely let you know. Thanks for dropping your comment 🙂

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