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5 Tips To Get Your Guest Proposals Accepted Every time

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You all know how fruitful guest blogging can be if done the correct way. Guest blogging on blogs that are authoritative and related to your niche can definitely do wonders in terms of SEO, traffic and building credibility in short time.

guest blogging proposalThe top blogs in your niche must be receiving thousands of guest post requests every day, so how can your guest proposal conspicuously win the heart of the editor amongst thousands of other sundry proposals? Here are some of the tips (from my own personal experience) that can definitely maximize your chance to win a guest blogging opportunity on top and authoritative blogs…

1. Presentation matters

Present yourself and your guest ideas to the editor in the best possible way. Start your email with a warming hello and then introduce yourself, your ideas and your blog. For example, take a look at the following impressive guest proposal that I received for my digital photography blog…

guest blogging proposal on my blog

2. Don’t ask for backlinks

Asking for backlinks dilutes the spirit of guest blogging. The editor might perceive you just like another pesky article marketer who is on a mission to get thousands of backlinks in exchange for low quality content!
Asking for backlinks in your email makes no sense at all. You will definitely get your desired backlink in the author byline section as a credit for your wonderful guest contribution.
However if you are having questions regarding the linking guidelines and policies, it’s always better to go through the guest post guidelines thoroughly and get all your doubts cleared beforehand, rather than bothering the editor about the same.

3. Do refer to your previous guest contributions (if any)

You know how important it is to mention your work experience(if any) while applying for a corporate job. The same holds true for guest blogging as well!

Referring to your previous guest contributions on other related and authoritative blogs can definitely increase your chances of being accepted as a guest blogger. So while composing an email to the editor, do provide links to all of your previously published guest articles on other similar niche blogs.

4. Provide your best content as your guest article

Always make it a habit to provide your top class content for guest posting. Write from your heart and with a feel as if you are writing the article for your own blog. How will you feel upon receiving a poor quality article as a guest submission for your own blog ? You will be left exasperated. Right ? Then how can you except those A-list bloggers to accept your poor quality guest article ?

The real advantage of providing your top class content for guest submission is that, at the very first place it not only magnifies your approval rate but also leaves a good impression on the fellow niche blogger and thus you are indirectly building a good relationship with him/her. Secondly, if somehow your top class article gets rejected then you can happily publish it on your own blog.

5. Use email signatures

The approval rate of my guest proposals has escalated ever since I started using custom email signatures at the end of my email messages. That’s what I have observed. Have a look at my email signature below…

my email signature

So using a custom email signature at the end of your message can impressively interact with the sender(with a sense of professionalism!). I won’t talk much about the advantages of using custom email signatures as I have already covered them in my guest post at Business2Community

Wishing you success with your guest blogging campaign!

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