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6 Reasons Why Making Money With AdSense Is Not Easy

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Google AdSense is still the ace when it comes to monetization of your online content. Whenever someone talks about making money online, the first thing that comes in our mind is AdSense !
Some new bloggers believe that its very easy to make money using this program. They simply copy the ad code to their web pages and eagerly wait for clicks to occur. But the fact is, it’s not that easy to monetize your content as it seems. It takes a lot of patience, hard work and experiments to start driving money your way!In this post I will share with you top 6 reasons why it’s not easy to make money with AdSense :

1. Organic Traffic

Free traffic originating from search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing is referred to as organic traffic. In fact this type of traffic is the lifeline for blogs aiming to make money with AdSense. The reason – only organic traffic converts well into clicks and sales. Someone visiting your site via search engines is more likely to click on your ads as he/she is already in search for something. Secondly such type of visitors are usually short on time, so they either end up clicking on your ads or clicking the back button of the browser and finding that information elsewhere.
It’s not that easy to build a steady stream of organic traffic to your blog. It needs an excellent implementation of right SEO with patience.
So forget about making any considerable amount of money with AdSense until there is some good volume of organic traffic flowing in…

2. Fluctuating CTR and CPC

The simple AdSense money equation is :
Money = CTR * CPC
CTR is Click Through Rate while CPC is Cost Per Click.
CTR is the number of clicks on your ads divided by the number of page views. The real problem is – CTR depends highly upon the relevancy of your ads and the interest of your readers towards your adverts !
While relevancy of your ads can be improved by optimizing your content, you really can’t do anything when it comes to genuine interest of your readers towards your ads !

CPC depends upon a number of factors. Major of them are – country clicking your ads, the quality of your site, types of ads getting clicked and the type of platform used by people to click your ads.
Countries – clicks coming from countries like US, UK, Australia and several other western countries carry far better CPC as compared to south and east Asian countries like India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Indonesia and Philippines.
Site Quality – The better your site quality is, the better the CPC would be. Aim for better PageRank and Alexa rank, you will see your CPC rising eventually.
Types of ads – sometimes text ads yield better CPC and sometimes image ads.
Platform type – Ads clicked from high-end mobile devices and tablets yield far better CPC than those clicked via desktops.

It’s difficult to control all these factors altogether and thus the nature of AdSense earnings is highly unpredictable ! Sometimes you will see spikes and sometimes terrible falls. But ultimately, you have to bear this all since this is the nature of AdSense earnings !

3. Ad code optimization

To be able to make good money with AdSense you have to run your ads through a series of experiments and then sticking to the one yielding maximum profit.
Experiments include – changing the ad position, type of ad and playing with several different color themes until finally you start getting good results.
This requires a lot of patience and hard work too…

4. Content optimization

While monetizing your website/blog do not forget that it is the content that has to be monetized. It is your content only that gives you free organic traffic and clicks. If the content is not good then you won’t receive any good volume of organic traffic and after all clicks !
The problem with most of the new bloggers is that they write short and incomplete blog posts and that too poorly formatted from the SEO point of view. Remember that content optimization is the key factor resulting in relevancy of ads.

5. High payment threshold

Unlike fellow ad networks like chitika and adbrite, AdSense sets a high payout threshold – 100$, which is somewhat difficult to achieve for several new bloggers. So they either Chase this target every month earning few cents or dollars or they forget about AdSense and revert to other ad networks !

6. Risk of click bombing

Running AdSense on your site is like driving a sports car on a busy F1 track. You have to be careful enough to drive safely and responsibly, or else you risk loosing your car and life.
Same applies to AdSense as well. You have to check regularly and carefully for any possible invalid clicks and then reporting the same to the Google team before it’s too late and you get your account banned forever !
There are a lot of insane people out there who might try to get your account banned by repeatedly clicking on your ads. This can either be due to jealousy or they are themselves banned from the network and now they are trying to pull you down, just because of sheer frustration !

These were some of the top factors that may hinder your goal of making easy and quick money online with Google AdSense !

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