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Guest Blogging And PageRank

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Google PageRank is officially dead now. The article was originally published in Feb’ 2013.[/su_note]

Will you prefer appearing as a guest blogger on a PR5 blog to a PR3 blog? Is Google Pagerank the only metric you prioritize when it comes to guest blogging? Well, you should stop prioritizing it now. I won’t lie, when i was new to guest blogging, I also used to judge a blog by looking at its PR. But now, after having appeared as a guest blogger on so many different websites, i have finally realized that it’s really not that important. All that matters is the blog traffic and the reader engagement. Everything else is secondary. So, this post is especially for those who are actively engaging in guest blogging with the sole purpose of increasing the pagerank of their websites (I guess, most of us Do :))

The most popular pagerank myth that needs to be busted:

Doing a guest post on a PRX blog = Your blog being linked by a PRX source

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WRONG! Why do we always forget that it’s PAGErank? Pagerank operates on individual pages/posts. So the guest post you just did on a PR6 blog, doesn’t even has a PR0. Totally worthless! Right? So stop celebrating & do something to improve its PR right now!

Remember, When you do a guest post, the pagerank of your blog directly depends upon two factors –

1. For how long your guest post remains on the main page of the blog?


Your article is not going to stay on the main page of the blog forever. In a few weeks, if not days, it will surely be buried under the blog archives as new posts are continuously added. What does that mean? The Pagerank flow from the main PRX blog to your guest post will be cut permanently! Unfortunately, this is something which is not under your control 🙁


2. The number of ‘quality+relevant’ links your guest post attracts:


Fortunately, building backlinks to your guest post is totally under your control. If you are building quality backlinks, your guest article will surely see a good rise in its PR and ultimately your own blog too 🙂

Why traffic and reader engagement is even more important ?

Without any traffic, your blog won’t be getting any referral traffic and without reader engagement, nobody will recognize you and your blog. Simple! So, instead of hunting for a high PR blog with no traffic and reader engagement, it’s 100x better to write a guest post for a low PR blog having decent traffic and reader engagement. That’s my conclusion based upon my guest blogging experience.

Your Views?

What are your thoughts on this topic? What do you prioritize when looking for a good blog – Pagerank OR traffic OR reader engagement? I would love to listen to you! Feel free to express your thoughts in the comments…

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