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5 Reasons Why I Won’t Respond To Your Guest Blogging Proposals

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Have you ever received annoying guest blogging proposals in your inbox? I bet, you must have! They’re an everyday story. In this post i have shared the top 5 reasons why they often get rejected…

1. You Don’t Know My Name

The moment i see guest blogging proposals starting with “dear webmaster, fellow webmaster, dear admin, etc.“, i throw them directly to the trash folder without even bothering to read any further. Why? Because addressing me with such a “robotic salutation” hurts my ego as a blogger. When you didn’t even cared to know the name of the blogger how can you expect him/her to revert back to you with a favourable response? So, the moment you include such detrimental salutations in your email, you already lose the game. Have a look at one of such emails:

no-name guest blogging proposal

2. You Didn’t Even Bother To Craft An Email On Your Own

When your guest blogging proposal doesn’t reflect any originality, how can you expect me to trust the originality of your guest post? Forget about it! Here’s a screenshot of one of those terribly copied emails:

copied guest blogging proposal

3. Only Your Mom Can Understand Your English

When i “try” to read your email, i doubt if you ever visited a school? Look at this guy who literally killed the language…

email written in poor english

4. You Use Suspicious Words In Your Email

Reading a guest blogging proposal which is dominated with words like – “SEO, 100% original, copyscape protected, do-follow links, targeted keywords, and so on” directly questions the authenticity of the sender. By using these words, your pitch sounds more like that of a brazen link-builder or an article marketer than that coming from a genuine blogger!

5. You Don’t Have Any Track Record In Writing

Having your own blog is always an added advantage, but if you don’t even have a previous track record in writing, then your chances of getting accepted are even more slimmer.

Your Thoughts?

Ever received any of such annoying/funny guest blogging pitches in your inbox? Share your experiences in the comments below…

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