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7 Reasons NOT TO Accept Guest Posts On Your Blog

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Receiving guest posts on your blog feels so good. Right? “It helps you keep your blog updated, especially when you are busy OR out of new ideas.” While there may be some advantages of accepting guest posts on your blog, you just can’t afford to condone the flip side of the coin!

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My today’s post is an attempt to shed some light on this side – Reasons not to accept guest posts on your blog –


1. Trustworthiness

Before I proceed ahead with this point, let me ask you a short question: Whom are you most likely to accept a birthday present from – a close Friend or a Stranger? I’m sure, most of you will prefer the former, because it’s a matter of trust and you trust your friends far more than any stranger! The same applies to guest blogging

You have received a guest blogging proposal from a person whom you have never met or known before. He purports to be a loyal reader of your blog (though he never ever cared to leave a comment on even a single post) and tries to impress you by mentioning how beautiful and elegant your blog is! Can you trust his content? Give it a thought!


2. Time Consuming

Reviewing guest posts is very much time consuming, especially for those who receive a spate of them. You run into the burden of reading each one of them thoroughly and that’s just not enough. You also have to make sure that the content is unique and free from all sorts of editorial and grammatical mistakes!


3. Email Spam

If you are into the business of accepting guest posts on your blog, you are likely to receive around 80% of the guest proposals from link builders and SEO companies. And their guest blogging pitch simply sucks! They’re so poorly written and full of clichés, that you might not even want to leave a polite reply :

Here’s one of them that i received for Budding Geek:

aweful guest proposal


4. Change in voice

Here, I believe that only a few people will agree with me. My belief is that accepting guest posts on your blog might dilute the quality and standard of your blog posts. Your loyal readers are usually accustomed to enjoy YOUR writing pitch and quality. Publishing a lot of guest posts without giving your blog YOUR own voice, might leave your readership a little bit pissed off! What’s your thought on this ?


5. The term has been deteriorated

I probably shouldn’t say this directly, but the fact is that guest blogging has become a new form of link building these days. Many people have forgotten that guest blogging was originally a great way of building solid niche relationships! Links were just seen as a way of crediting the author for his awesome content. Today, people care more about links than building potential relationships…And their guest blogging pitch reveals this attitude very clearly!


6. Another Google Penalty?

We all know how notorious Google is, when it comes to busting spam and unnatural links on the internet. Who knows, with which penalty Google might come up tomorrow against those accepting guest posts on their websites? Your thoughts ?


7. Because It’s YOUR blog!

This can purely be a personal reason. It’s your blog and why would you want a stranger to publish his article on YOUR blog? Of-course, unless your blog has turned into an article directory where anyone can come and publish his content in exchange for links and then never ever returns back!


Your Voice?

I have briefly expressed my thoughts. Now its YOUR turn! What are your thoughts on this topic? No matter if you agree or disagree with me, feel free to express your ideas in the comments below 😉

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