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5 Tips To Attract Guest Bloggers To Your Blog

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Are you in a serious need of fresh and unique content for your blog? Running short of good ideas? Don’t have enough time to keep your blog updated? Then just go ahead and jump upon the guest blogging bandwagon!

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But wait! You are ready for guest posts, that’s good, but, is your blog ready? Yes, you have to make sure that your blog is matured enough to handle guest posts at the very first place or else you will end up struggling to attract good guest bloggers forever 🙂 My today’s post highlights 5 important and proven tips that are sure to inundate your inbox with great guest blogging proposals


1. Write consistently

calender imageGuest bloggers do notice the frequency of your published posts. If you are not updating your blog even once in a month, then you are sending strong signals to the potential guest bloggers that your blog is nothing more than a parched page on the internet. In blogging, just like in real life,first you have to dance alone(write content) passionately on the DJ (on your blog), then only others will express their interest in joining You! I hope you’re getting my analogy 😉


2. Grow your blog

growing readersGrowing your blog is just as important as writing consistently. To understand its importance, first you have to understand the needs of a guest blogger. Why do people write guest posts? What will they get out of it?
People write guest posts with a hope to come in front of their target audience, with a hope that their post will be able to leverage some traffic back to their own blog and with a hope that their post might get them some quality exposure. Can your blog fulfil all these requirements? If yes, then you’re awesome! And if no, then you have to learn how to grow your readership and then how to convert that readership into your loyal readers/subscribers 🙂 


3. Grow your social presence

I’m not sure if everyone pays attention to this metric or not, but I really do. If the blog/blog owner has a decent social following, he/she can effortlessly promote the guest article, thereby, getting more people to read the guest blogger’s content! That makes some sense, right ?


4. Have a separate ‘Write For Us’ page

Again, an important and very obvious point. Unless your blog is a diamond, don’t expect anyone to contact you regarding guest blogging proposals.
Solution – Create a separate page on your blog and let everyone know that your blog is open to guest blogging opportunities. List down all the important guidelines and clearly mention the way how you can be approached for guest posts. There is one more major benefit of doing this – Once you have created a separate ‘Write For Us’ page, Google will start crawling and indexing that page, thereby sending guest bloggers your way whenever they search for guest blogging opportunities on Google. How cool is that ?


5. Join MyBlogGuest

MyBlogGuest is a community plus platform that connects guest bloggers looking for quality homes for their articles with those looking for good guest bloggers to take a break from writing. The site has a vast range of categories ranging from SEO/Technology to Arts/Photography. As for now, It is the most credible and successful guest blogging platform and it is definitely worth giving a try.


What’s your strategy?

So how do you attract guest bloggers to your site? Do you have any other worth mentioning tip to share? I would love to listen to your thoughts 🙂

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