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6 Ultimate Tips To Make More Money With Google AdSense

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Hi friends, I’ve been with AdSense for 5 years now and have made a good amount since then. In this post, I’ve decided to share the top 6 tips that my 5 year long journey has taught me…

1. Focus On Organic Traffic

Organic traffic is the backbone of making money with Google AdSense. The reason is, organic traffic converts better than any other form of traffic. A visitor who lands on your webpage through a search engine is much more likely to be interested in checking out relevant advertisements than any other type of visitor. This is because, the visitor is already in search for something and if he doesn’t find that information on your webpage, then he ends up either checking out your relevant/contextual advertisements or quitting your website. On the other hand, if someone lands on your webpage directly via any referral or social-media link, then he is much less likely to be interested in checking out your advertisements unless the advertisement happens to be interest-based one. That’s the importance of organic traffic for AdSense.

drop in traffic screenshot

Above is a screenshot of my AdSense account showing how badly my earnings started declining the moment the organic traffic on my photography website took a deep plunge following the penguin update in 2012.

2. Find Profitable Keywords In Your Niche

Using keyword planner tool, brainstorm profitable keywords in your niche (keywords having good Cost Per Click value) that have considerable search volume but low or medium level of competition. If you’re aiming to earn a really good amount of money with AdSense, there’s no point wasting your time in writing articles with keywords having poor CPC and search volume. First plan strategically and then write!

3. Ad Placement Is Vital

Don’t be shy of displaying the ads. Put them at prominent places with confidence to maximize their visibility for your visitors. A good practice is to put them above the fold.

4. Make Ads a Seamless Part Of Your Content

adsense and content blend

Customize the appearance of your ads so that they look a seamless part of your content. For example, if the background colour of your webpage is white(which mostly is) then use only white as the background and border colour of your ad unit. Same rule applies to the ad link colour – that is, if you are using blue coloured links on your webpage, then make sure that the link colour of your text ad units is blue.

5. Perform Monthly Earnings Audits

adsense audit

Audit is a brief examination/review of your account. By performing monthly audits you can monitor the performance of your ad units. For instance, you can find out and get rid of all those ad units and categories that are unable to generate any significant amount of revenue for you.

6. Never Give Up

Unless you have a blog that is already rocking with organic traffic, don’t expect to see dollars in your account right off the bat. New publishers, especially those who are new to blogging are generally impatient when it comes to making money with AdSense. They are usually in a habit of checking their accounts every day, in fact after every couple of hours to see how much has been earned. When they see just a few cents or dollars after months of waiting, they curse AdSense and leave the program. Result – Absolute failure. So my advice is to not to focus on earnings, rather focus on building organic traffic and site quality. AdSense income will then be a sweet by-product of your consistent efforts this way.

All the best! 🙂

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