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Top 6 Blogging Mistakes

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Mistakes – You’ll find them everywhere and blogging is definitely not an exception. In this post I’ll be sharing the top 6 blogging mistakes that you can’t afford to ignore at any cost!

1. Stealing content

Copy ideas but not the content. This should be your attitude! When you blatantly copy content and rebrand it on your own website, you’re cheating yourself by limiting your writing and thinking abilities, which are indispensable for successful blogging.

2. Using pop ups


I’ve seen that many new bloggers use pop ups with an anticipation of increasing their Facebook likes and subscription counts. While doing all this can be beneficial for many popular and high authority blogs, for new blogs this can prove to be a detrimental approach. Why? Because first of all, let’s admit that no one of us likes to see a stupid pop up while reading something. This is only going to irritate your visitors and chase them away. Secondly, when you’re new to blogging, you first have to prove yourself to be a trusted figure by delivering high quality and useful content on a regular basis. Only then people will be willing enough to extend credit to you by subscribing to your updates.

3. Not sticking to a design

switching designs How often do you see big sites like Problogger and Mashable changing their overall look and feel? Too rarely or may be never! Isn’t it? Not sticking to a design makes your blog look casual and unprofessional to your visitors. Therefore sticking to a simple yet elegant design is very important. It not only leaves a stained impression on your readers, but also helps build a persistent brand image for your blog!

4. Not using social sharing buttons

What’s the benefit of writing that epic post when it can’t be shared easily on the social media? I’ve seen a lot of bloggers making this foolish mistake. After reading an interesting post, active readers always look for these social sharing buttons on your post so that they can share it easily with their friends and followers!

5. Having no active presence on social media

Having an active profile on major social networks like Google+ and Twitter (assuming that you’re already active on Facebook) is very important today. Not only it’s a great way to promote your blog but also at the same time it’s an opportunity to connect with your fans and loyal readers.

6. Having no comment field

no comment This could be the silliest mistake ever a blogger could do, and yet I see this happening on many good blogs. Having no space for comments after an article feels like the writer has written the article for himself. Blogging is a way to share your thoughts and ideas with your readers. So what’s the point of publishing an article when no one can even “thank you” for your efforts?

Any other mistake?

I’ve shared all these mistakes based upon my past and present blogging experiences. Your experiences might be different from mine. Can you share any other potential mistake made by new bloggers? Looking forward to your thoughts 😉

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