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What is Guest Blogging ?

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Even though I have previously covered a good number of articles on guest blogging, but recently after receiving an email from one of my readers, I felt the importance of covering the basics! Here’s that quoted e-mail message :

Good day sir, i blog about health but am not really active on posting since I’m a bit busy in my office work, i would like to ask if how this guest posting work, I’d like to accept guest post since there are some writers who are interested in it, how will i answer them their question about the posting cost, and is it okay to ask payments from them? thanks for your time. Sorry for my English, since this is my secondary language 

Well, an expected and a good question from a newbie, and i guess there are still many people who have this type of question in their minds. So my todays post is aimed at answering all such questions in perspicuous details!

Guest Blogging – An Introduction

You must have seen various TV shows where a celebrity gives a guest appearance to promote his/her upcoming movie/album. For example – “Taylor Swift” appearing as a special guest on “America’s Got Talent” to promote her upcoming albums in front of a huge and excited audience!

Guest Blogging is somewhat analogous to that. Here we, the bloggers give guest appearance on other popular blogs in our niche, in order to gain exposure and to promote our websites 🙂
See, how Taylor was also very specific about her niche (music). Had she given a guest appearance on an irrelevant show, she might not have received the right exposure for her new albums. This ubiquitous rule applies everywhere!

So, Here’s goes my definition of guest blogging –
Guest Blogging is when you decide to contribute/write an article for someone else’s blog. In return you usually get a quality backlink pointing back to your website and the host blogger gets a fresh piece of content for his/her blog (All that for FREE – No money involved)


How & Where Should You Contribute ?

Now, this is really important since choosing the right blog makes all the difference. If you are new to guest blogging, I would highly recommend you to join MyBlogGuest – a free community for guest bloggers (those looking for good blogs to guest post on) and host bloggers (those looking for good guest bloggers to breathe life into their blogs). I learned a lot about guest blogging from MyBlogGuest and I must say, it’s worth giving at least a try!

For those who have even a little good idea about how guest blogging works, they can have a look at my infographic here. It explains how to evaluate a guest Blogging opportunity very well 🙂


Approaching The Blog Owner With The Right Guest Blogging Pitch

If you are deciding of reaching out to  the blog owner yourself, make sure that your guest proposal is using the right pitch. Have a look at this interesting infographic –

Credits: The Guest Blogging Fails An Infographic from seosmarty.com


Guest Blogging And Money?

A big NO! Guest Blogging is a FREE practice and it shall always be FREE.
When money comes in between, it is no longer a guest post – it becomes a Sponsored post OR a Paid Post.


Your Thoughts ?

Have you been a guest blogger? What’s been your experience with guest blogging so far? Do you find it any useful? Don’t hesitate to express your thoughts in the comments below.

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