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How To Record Your Android’s Screen [Requires Root]

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Recording the screen activity on your Android device is not an easy task. Now you might be wondering that there must be an app for that, then why isn’t it easy? But, let me tell you – most of them are paid and secondly they do not work on all the devices. I tried ScreenCaster’s paid app on my phone and it just kept on giving me the sick force closing notification!

Out of frustration, I have come up with an extremely easy way to record the screen activity on any Android device, provided that it’s a rooted one. Here’s how:


What will you need ?

1. Camtasia Studio installed on your PC or MAC (You can download free trial)
2. A working Wi-Fi connection &
3. Airdroid app installed on your Android device.

How to record the screen?

For simplicity, i will break this tutorial into parts followed by appropriate screen-shots…here i go:


[Part 1 – Saving the recording]

Step 1: Switch ON your Wi-Fi network and launch the Airdroid app on your android device.

airdroid main screen


Step 2: After having successfully connecting your device via Wi-Fi and launching the airdroid app, open this URL – web.airdroid.com in any web-browser on your computer.

airdroid website opened


Step 3: Scan the QR code on that website by tapping on the camera icon in your app. Your phone will be successfully connected to your computer wirelessly (Make sure that your phone and computer are connected to the same Wi-Fi network)

Step 4: On the airdroid website in your browser, click on the screenshot icon.

icons on airdroid website

After clicking on the screenshot icon, airdroid will ask you to grant it superuser permissions. After granting the superuser permissions, you will see a live screenshot of your android’s screen on the website.

Step 5: Now open Camtasia Studio on your computer and select the screen recording option

main screen of camtasia

camtasia recording



OK, now you don’t have to record the whole screen. You just have to select a custom area such that it fits your “screenshot area” perfectly well. Refer the screenshot below…

custom area selection in camtasia


Step 6: You are almost done. Now, maximize the screenshot window and raise the slider towards the “rabbit icon”.

rabbit slider

This setting ensures that the screenshot screen synchronizes well with the screen activity on your android device without any sort of delay!

Now you can start recording the screen by clicking on the red recording icon. The screen activity on your device should start synchronizing with that on the screen being recorded in your web browser.

When you wish to finish the recording, click on “stop recording” icon. That’s it. Then you have to save your recording so that it can later be edited and produced in any suitable video format (I will explain all this in part 2 of this tutorial)


[Part 2 – Producing the recording]

Step 7: Launch Camtasia Studio and open your saved media(in .camrec format). Then click on “produce and share” option. Then select any video format of your choice and finalize your project by giving it a suitable name. That’s it. The software will automatically start rendering your video.

production settings in camtasia

naming the project in camtasia



Finally, find your recorded video inside the Camtasia’s folder in your computer’s documents OR from your desired production location.

Here’s my own recorded demo video –

demo of android screen recording

So how was the overall tutorial? I tried my best to present all the information in as easy way as possible. Have any doubt or any feedback to give? Drop your comments below 🙂

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  1. After I click on the Screenshot icon I don’t get a Superuser request. Then I tried to install superuser and it requires a rooted device.

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