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Why The Facebook App For Android Sucks?

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Facebook is a multi billion dollar company and undoubtedly the most active social network in the world. But when it comes to their android version, they leave a majority of android users pissed off. Have a quick look at the kind of reviews this app is getting on the play store. You will find 1 in every 3 reviews leaving a comment full of dislikes and complaints. Seems like the app is getting worse with each rolling update!

Let’s have a look at some of the recent reviews earned by this gorgeous app…

reviews of facebook app on play store

This post is an attempt to bring some attention to the Facebook android development team towards some major problems faced by their android users…

1. Missing “via android” status message tag

Previously, whenever I used to share anything from my Facebook app, the status message was always posted with ~ via android or via Facebook for Android tag.
What a joy and proud it was! Everyone used to know that I was using my sweet android phone to update those status messages.

missing via android tag

Then they started rolling out their so called performance updates and that “proud status tag” never appeared ever since then.
Now my status messages are posted with ~ via mobile tag, as if I have used a cheap phone to update my status. Huh !!

2. Everything loads dead slow

loading facebook androidThis has been a problem with this app ever since its launch on the android platform, I believe! Be it the photos, albums, profile-pages or even the integrated chat system – everything seems to freeze, often taking over my patience and I finally end up quitting the app :p

As an alternative, I always prefer to access Facebook at m.facebook.com on opera-mini web browser. At least it loads 100 times faster and does most of the job, though not that appealing to look at.

3. Unable to delete status messages and comments [ISSUE FIXED]

no delete optioncan't delete comments

I am very cautious while putting status messages and comments using this app because once they are set there is no way to remove them unless I switch over to its mobile version on opera mini OR its desktop version on my notebook!
I hope developers won’t turn an eye over this serious issue and will provide us with an easy delete option in its updated future versions.

[UPDATE] Issue resolved with the new version of the app (Now we have an option to delete/hide the status messages from our timeline)

deleting status message issue fixed

4. Battery Killer

battery killer facebook

Its 15 minutes of regular usage on mobile network drains my droid’s battery life by 5%. And I am sure that I am not alone to experience this pathetic battery drain!

What’s your opinion about this app? Please share your feedback here…

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12 thoughts on “Why The Facebook App For Android Sucks?”

  1. I have one more feature to complain. If anybody shared a post on their timeline, it’s impossible to view the original post and look at their comments.

  2. Facebook is spyware with crappy mobile apps because the people with higher positions of power in that multibillion dollar company don’t really listen to customers as much as they listen to themselves and their flawed ideas. It’s become a rich elitist abomination that requires people’s phone numbers to violate their privacy for profit.

  3. Would this be out of place by saying I have no problem with this app? We now the choice of separated the Page Manager and Messenger to make things (tongue-in-cheek) easier. But the next complaint may be, why did they have to do this? Now we have 3 apps instead of just one. Taking up more space on the phone ayyye? At this time, long as none of the apps are crashing on my phone it serves my purpose. Regards

    • James, your comment is certainly not incongruous!
      Good to know that you are not having any trouble with the Facebook app for android 🙂 But the issues i have mentioned in this post (except #3 now) really need some attention from fb android developers to make this app better once again 🙂

      • Agreed, there is room for improvement. Really was trying to give an update more than anything else. As you shared #3 has been taken care of and point the number #4 battery killer seems to be resolved with some of the newer phones longer battery life and apps manager. Probably so used to tweaking my phone and apps that it just doesn’t bother me. Maybe it should.- Regards

  4. Pleased to see this article, as Facebook developers need to rely on this type of customer feedback to fix the problem! I mainly use my browser for Facebook, simply because the loading time for the app itself is enough to drain any Android users patience very thin, (along with their battery)! I’ve looked at third party apps, but they have an even more unpleasant look and feel to them. (As opposed to the browsers setup). They often times feel foreign after using the regular app for so long.

    I do have to say, with Facebook being a multi billion dollar site, with countless dedicated users logging in daily, why is it the company has simply left their application so incredibly lacking? It seems they’ve left it hanging out to dry… I appreciate the updates to settings changes, ie. “privacy”. However, now that all profiles are public, how much control of “privacy” do we really have? It’s a false sense of security.

    Not to mention – I actually use a third party app for my “pages”, as I’m an administrator for a business page. With that said, anyone who has any knowledge of business and customer service will tell you, Facebook simply isn’t making the cut here. Here being Mobile Phones, “Smart” phones. Android phones. Precisely where they need to step up! The Google Play store reviews say it all. How much more crap feedback do they need before they make changes?

    • Well ranted Crystal 😀
      So far the developers have fixed just 1 issue (providing an easy delete option for status messages)…Rest of the issues are still plaguing the app!

  5. Yes, after new update the Facebook apps sucks! It’s slow and it’s unresponsive at times.

    By the way to delete posts or comments you have to swipe right or left. The delete button will be visible.

    • Thanks for your feedback Aminul. Swiping left or right to delete comments and messages is troublesome (especially on a 3.2 inch device). Secondly, it doesn’t work everytime!

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