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Instagram bio fonts: How different cool fonts suit your personality?

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Instagram is one of the most widely used social media apps. It’s not just popular among the youngsters, but businesses are also making excellent use of the app to reach new fans and customers every day. The most important part of an Instagram profile is its bio. Your Instagram bio is the first thing which is noticed when someone visits your profile page. A good Instagram bio should briefly describe who you are, what you do, and why should one follow you? In a nutshell, it should describe your overall personality. But do you know that the choice of your Instagram bio fonts also plays a big role in influencing the people who visit your profile? In this post today, I will share the best fonts for Instagram bio that are most appropriate to use according to your nature and personality.

How to change fonts on Instagram bio?

Neue Helvetica and Freight Sans are the two default fonts used by Instagram. These are modern web fonts based out of Sans Serif font family. However, you also might have seen some Instagram profiles using different fancy or cool fonts in their bio that look ???? ???? OR ???? ????. How do you do this?

Step-by-step guide to generate fancy text and change fonts on Instagram bio:

Step 1: Open up any Unicode font converter website. I recommend that you use either Fontalic or Pixelied font generator.

Step 2: Write your Instagram bio in the space provided. For example, look at this screenshot from Fontalic for your reference:fontalic font generator for instagram

Step 3: Copy your favorite font output from the right-hand side conversion box.

Step 4: Paste it as it is in your Instagram bio.

I tried this on my own Instagram profile, and it worked flawlessly. Here is the screenshot:

changing fonts in Instagram bio

8 types of cool and fancy fonts to use on your Instagram bio

Now that you know how to change fonts in your bio, let’s now discuss how to choose the best fonts that match your nature & personality. Just like how the choice of colors influences your brand image, the choice of fonts also reinforces your values and personality. So, let’s see which type of cool fonts you should use in your Instagram bio that reinforce your values, image, and overall personality:

1.) Light fonts

“????? ?? ????” fonts are simple and legible. They convey a feeling of minimalism with an element of elegance. They suit someone with a royal personality or someone who loves peace and embraces simple things in life.

2.) Calligraphy fonts

??????????? or cursive fonts appear as if they are handwritten. They are usually cursive and written in a freehand natural style. These types of fonts are best suited for someone with an artistic personality or someone who likes to give a warm personal touch to his Instagram bio.

3.) Gothic fonts

?????? fonts are recognized by their remarkable thick strokes and a visible swirl on their typeface. They originated in the Western Europe at around the 12th century and are strongly associated with old historical texts and scriptures. Use gothic fonts for your Instagram bio if you have a strong affinity to history and culture.

4.) Circled fonts

?????? fonts look funky and trendy. The font inside thick circles immediately grabs the attention of the reader. Their casual and funky look make them inappropriate to use for business or professional Instagram profiles. However, these fonts are apt for an Instagram profile based on kids’ games, craft, and stories. Circle fonts also match the personality of young teens, especially girls who love to express themselves in a more personal and creative way.

5.) Squared fonts

??????? fonts are similar in personality to circle fonts, with the obvious difference that these fonts are packed inside evenly spaced squares instead of circles. Like circle fonts, squared fonts are best suited for writing an Instagram bio with elements of personal touch, fun, and creativity.

6.) Emoji text fonts

????? fonts replace the alphabet(s) in a word by an almost similar shaped emoji. For example, the alphabet ‘O’ in the word ‘Emoji’ gets replaced with an almost exactly shaped flower emoji. Using emoji fonts for Instagram bio is best suited for someone who likes to show off his creativity through non-verbal cues like facial expressions, flowers, and various other signs. While it may feel tempting to use all the emojis, I do not recommend using all the emojis together as they make it hard to comprehend your sentence. Be liberal, yet creative!

7.) Anchor fonts

Ⱥղçհօɾ ƒօղէʂ is another set of cool fonts for Instagram. A careful analysis of this Unicode font set reveals how each alphabet takes the shape of an anchor (⚓). Write your Instagram bio using Anchor fonts if you have strong feelings for sea, ships, ports, and harbors. You may also find it attractive to use if you’ve a career in the Navy. Personality wise, these fonts suit someone who is focused and sharp-minded.

8.) Wide fonts

Wide fonts make your Instagram bio look easy on the eyes. A perceptible space separates each alphabet in wide fonts. Looking at them evokes feelings of simplicity, importance, and purity. Use wide fonts in your bio if you love to embrace optimism, positivity, and openness in your character.

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