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5 ways to record a YouTube live stream in 2023

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YouTube has turned out to be one of the most prominent and famous online video-sharing platforms that has been in service for the longest time. In fact, YouTube is the platform that gave birth to the vlogging culture. So, you can easily understand why it is so favored in the present date. One of the newest features of YouTube is YouTube Live, that allows creators to interact with the audience in a better way. It is a superb option for all those who want to create a connection with their followers more effectively. For instance, creators can go for live videos instead of posting pre-recorded videos to showcase what they are doing. But what would happen if you fail to catch the live video of your favorite YouTube creator or page? There is nothing to worry about.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best ways that can make recording a YouTube live stream a much easier task for you. The best part is that many screen recording tools will also let you record streaming audio without any issues. Let’s have a look at some of the best possible options.

Why capture a YouTube live stream?

Before we jump to learn how to record a YouTube livestream, let’s understand some reasons why you should consider recording one for yourself:

1.) For preserving valuable moments: Live streams often showcase unique and unscripted moments that may not be replicated. So, whether it’s a captivating performance, an insightful discussion, or a memorable event, recording YouTube live streams allows you to preserve these valuable moments for future reference, sharing, or even just for personal enjoyment.

2.) Content Recycling: Recorded live streams can be recycled into other forms of content, such as highlight reels, tutorials, or compilations.

3.) Reference for Collaboration and Learning: Recorded live streams serve as a valuable resource for collaboration, research, and learning. They can be used by individuals, educators, or professionals in various fields for reference, analysis, and inspiration.

5 Easy Ways to Record a YouTube Live Stream

Want to know how to record a streaming video? Here are some of the best ways in which you can do so without any extra hassle.

Built-In Screen Capture Tools

If you are looking out for the easiest way to record YouTube live streams, built-in screen capture tools are what you need. With the latest version of Windows and Mac, you can capture your screen with the built-in screen-capturing tool.


  • Start by opening the Game Bar by pressing Windows key + G.Windows built in capture tool for recording live stream on YouTube
  • The next step is to click on the Start Recording button to capture all the activities of the YouTube live stream. Click on the record button that you can find on the floating bar.
  • To save your recording, click on Stop.
  • After you are done recording, a notification will pop up that you can click on and preview the recorded file.


  • Start by opening the recording tool by pressing Command + 5.
  • A control panel will pop up right at the bottom of the screen.
  • Now, choose the screen area that you want to capture and click on the Record button.
  • To save the recording, click on Stop.

Record on Mobile Phone

You can also record YouTube live streams on your mobile phone. Yes, you heard it right. It does not matter whether you use an Android device or an iOS device; you can record live streams on both devices.


In case you want to record a live stream on your Android device, you can opt for a screen recording tool like AZ Screen Recorder. It is a superb tool that will let you capture all kinds of screen activities with the touch of a button. The tool comes with plenty of features, such as a video editor and screen live-streaming. Here are the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Open the live stream on YouTube that you are willing to record.
  • Launch AZ Screen Recorder.
  • Click on Record.
  • As the new window opens, click on Start Now.
  • After you are done recording, the recorded video can be accessed from the top of the screen.


iOS devices come with their own Screen Recording feature that can make capturing live streams an easy job. There is no requirement to download any extra applications. All that you will have to do is a few taps on your screen, and you are good to go.

  • On your iOS device, open Settings.
  • Click on Control Centre.
  • Click on Customize Controls and then tap on the + sign that you can find right next to Screen Recording.
  • Now, open the YouTube live stream.
  • Swipe down from the top of the screen and open the control panel.
  • Tap on the concentric circle symbol.
  • Your recording will start.
  • Repeat the process to stop recording.

OBS Studio

OBS Studio is well-known for its superb screen recording capabilities that can be used on any OS. It can make things faster and easier for you, and that’s why it’s one of the must-have tools YouTubers use to record their own streams. Let’s have a look at the steps that you will need to follow.

  • Start by downloading OBS Studio from the official website.
  • Launch the application.
  • Click on Settings to select the location of storing the recordings.
  • Now, click on Sources.
  • Open the live stream you are willing to record.
  • Click on Add.
  • Click on Start Recording.
  • After you are done, click on Stop Recording.

Online Screen Recorder

There are various kinds of online screen recording tools that you can find. But if you want to know about the most seamless option, Screen Capture could be a great choice. It is an online screen recorder that can work on any internet browser. You can use this tool to capture any kind of screen activity.

  • Start by opening the website of Screen Capture.screencapture website
  • Select the recording parameters that you can find on the main page. For example, Microphone, Sound, Webcam, etc.
  • Click on Start Recording.
  • Choose the area of recording.
  • Now, click on Share the Screen to start.
  • After you are done recording, click on Stop Recording.

VLC Media Player

You might think of VLC Media Player as a normal application for playing media files. But trust me; it can do a lot more than that. VLC Media Player can also be utilized to record YouTube live streams with the help of a few clicks. The best thing is that VLC can be used in any OS without any extra hassle. Let us have a look at the steps you will need to follow to record YouTube live streams using VLC.

  • Start by downloading the application.
  • Install VLC Media Player and launch it.
  • Open the live stream and copy the URL.
  • Click on Media in VLC and then Open Network Stream.vlc-open-network-stream
  • Paste the URL on the Network tab as a new window pops up.network-protocol-open-media
  • Click on Play.
  • Now, click on the Record button to start recording.


YouTube live streams are random by nature, and you might not get the time to plan for recording the same. That is why you will have to keep a proper screen recording tool handy so that you start recording a live stream whenever necessary. You can use any of the above-mentioned tools to record and ensure checking the features if you go for any third-party application. Let us know which is your favorite recording tool in the comments below.

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