How to tell if someone blocked you on Snapchat? 7 ways to confirm

There are plenty of reasons why someone might not reply to your messages or snaps, but if you’re curious about whether or not they have blocked you – read on! We’ve all been there –you send someone a snap and after waiting for what feels like an eternity, they fail to reply. You send another one, and again – no response. Chances are, they probably blocked you. But how do you know for sure? Well, that’s what we are going to cover in this post today. So, keep reading to find out exactly how to tell if someone has blocked you on Snapchat!

Once someone blocks you on Snapchat, you can observe several things within the app that confirm that you have been blocked. We will be discussing all these clues one-by-one below:

1. You don’t receive any response

This is the first and the most obvious clue that confirms that you have been blocked. If you notice that someone is not responding to your snapchat messages or snap streak challenges, it’s possible that they have blocked you. This happens often on Snapchat when people are being bullied or when someone is being excessively annoying. So, if you are sending a message to a friend and they don’t respond, it’s possible that they have blocked you.

2. They no longer appear on your friends list

Checking your friends list is the second way to ascertain whether someone has blocked you on Snapchat. If they still appear in your friend list when you try to add them, then they have not blocked you. However, if they are no longer visible in your friends list, then they may have blocked you.

Check the screenshots below:

3. Look out for the “Add button” next to their name in the chat

Another way to tell if someone has blocked you on Snapchat is to look for the blue “Add button” which appears right next to their name in the chat box. This Add button will appear in place of phone and video call buttons as soon as the person blocks you on Snapchat. Also, a short line will be visible just below this button, which reads — Add “Name of person” as a friend so that they can read your Story!

Check these screenshots below…

4. You see a cross button right next to their name in the chat list

Your regular chat list on Snapchat will always display a camera icon on the far-right side of the chat name. Tapping on that camera icon allows you to instantly send a snap to your friends.

Cross icon in place of camera icon confirms that you have been blocked

However, when you see that camera icon has been replaced with a cross icon (refer the screenshot above), you can tell with certainty that your friend has blocked you on Snapchat. This is another clue to watch out for.

5. You can’t see their story anymore

One important feature to remember is that if you are blocked by someone on Snapchat, you won’t be able to see their story. This is a really good way to tell if someone has blocked you. If you are unable to see their story, then you have been blocked by that person. It’s important to note that you can still see the story if you are friends with that person and if that person has their story set to public.

6. You can’t search them even with their username

Another way to ascertain whether you have been blocked on Snap is to try searching for your friend with their username. This trick will obviously work when you remember what their username was. So, when you try searching them with their username, it will show a message that says “💩No Results”. This confirms that the person has blocked you on Snapchat and you can no longer add them as a friend.

7. OR…The only way to know for sure is to ask them

If you are really curious about whether or not someone has blocked you, the best thing to do is to simply ask them. You can try sending them a message and asking them if they have blocked you. If they have blocked you, they will likely let you know.

Did you figure it out?

It’s important to remember that blocking is a normal part of social media apps. There are many reasons why someone might choose to block you, and there’s nothing you can do about it. All you can do is be mindful of how you interact with people.

I hope this post was useful in helping you tell if someone has blocked you on Snapchat. Please share your thoughts below.

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