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How To Write From Your Heart?

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Writing blog posts shouldn’t be boring. It should be exciting! If you’re writing a blog post under pressure and obligations, then tell me how’s blogging different from a boring nine to five job? Your writing should be creative – every word and sentence of which should appear to have flown naturally from your HEART 🙂 But there’s one big barrier to write this way – Your environment. You can’t start writing from your heart just at anytime or at anyplace. So what to do in absence of a favorable environment? Don’t worry, it can be created. Here’s a step by step approach to create one –

1. Find an appropriate day

If you’re blogging after a long tiring and stressful day (following your 9 to 5 work life), you’ll find it hard to add the breath of your heart to the words that you write. By the end of the day, you’ll feel enervated. Preoccupied with your workplace thoughts and under the stress of achieving the targets the following day, you’ll lose interest to write at the first place – writing something from your heart will be a far distant dream! Wouldn’t it be? Being a student of MBA second year, I’m in a very similar situation. It is only during the weekends that I get some time for myself and my blog. So it’s very important to first appropriate some quality time for yourself – the time that you can enjoy doing what you love without being under the shade of stress.

2. Find a peaceful place

A peaceful contemplation begets ideas that come directly from your heart. Philip Turner (my friend on twitter) says that he’s better in terms of creativity in the early morning or when he’s away from his computer, taking a walk in the garden. He also adds that “I prefer not to write on any topic without a few days of ruminating on it; I let my sub-conscious play around with the idea/problem at least overnight. If I have done all this then the words fly off my fingers, even with my 4 fingers and 2 thumbs typing :D”

3. Meditate

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In order to be able to write from your heart, you first have to clear your mind. “Often times we can’t write from our heart because we have a gazillion other thoughts in our head distracting us. Meditating helps clear my head and focus on the world around me and…my heart”, says Alicia of marcomland.com

4. Play the creative tunes

I tend to be more creative when I’m able to connect myself closely with the nature. Those sounds of birds chirping, winds blowing, light rain with thunderstorms; they tune my mind into an entirely different frequency. A state so relaxing and harmonious that my heart begins to recite its own music.
I use an android app named Relax Melodies to take plunge in this sea of creativity. The app is also available on the iTunes store. Here are a few screen-shots of the app –
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For better results, make sure that you use your headphones!

5. Let it flow…

“Surprise yourself. Sit down and write. Say anything you want, as if you will be the only one to ever read the manuscript. Don’t worry about editing or grammar or spelling. Just write. Do that long enough, and you will find a flow — an honesty to your work that comes from the heart. Listen to it. That is your voice trying to escape from its cage 🙂 “, says Don of donsturgill.com.

How do you write?

What kind of writer are you? Do you listen to your heart’s voice? How do you create this environment? Please share your thoughts in the comments below…

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  1. The Creative tunes tip is super good! I’ll try it!
    I Hardly Get Time To Write From My Heart Now With My Job.. I’m Afraid If I Meditate, I Might Just Fall Asleep o_O

  2. U’re absolutely right abhishek! One cannot write frm his heart without properly thinking and this in turn is possible only in a peaceful environment as only then, the blog will have a flow.

    • Thanks Coral. Yes, meditating is certainly a good way to lighten and relax your mind. Also, be sure to check out the relax melodies app if you’re using an android or iOS powered device! You’ll love it 😉

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