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Why I Prefer Paying My Hosting Charges – Monthly!

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When it comes to paying my hosting expenses, I hold a queer opinion. While most of you will prefer paying annually, I prefer to go for payments on a month by month basis. And this is what I’m doing for this blog. I pay $7 every month to hostgator. However, since most of the hosts give exclusive discounts on payments made annually, this monthly payment thing is a bit costly affair. Still I’m in favor of making monthly payments. This post explains the reason – Why?

 I’ve three compelling reasons for NOT making annual payments. And here they are –


1. I can’t pay the entire amount at once. Simple!

Making payments annually will cost me somewhere around $100. And being a student of MBA, paying this amount at once doesn’t match with my monthly pocket-money at the moment.

2. Doing this motivates me to blog more often

This is my most cogent reason for not making annual payments. Making payments on a monthly basis motivates me to keep my blog updated more often. Let’s draw an analogy to explain this better –
[su_quote]Suppose that you’ve been enrolled in a degree course. Instead of paying your total semester fee at once (which you usually do), you’re asked to pay on per class basis, whether you attend or do not attend. This small change will make you realize the value of each class and you’ll attend each class attentively. Won’t you?[/su_quote]
Paying for hosting charges is a similar situation. I prefer paying monthly so that I can be consciously aware of what and how much I’m spending and most importantly, how to create a value out of it? Either pay all at once and forget OR pay each time and realize. It’s a natural human psychology!

3. The convenience of shifting to some other host, if needed

Locking your funds with your host by paying the entire amount at once might not be a good idea. Of-course you get discounts and you are free from the obligations of making payments before the due date gets crossed every month, but what if your hosting provider starts giving you headache with unplanned down-times? What if they suspend your account for any stupid reason? Recently I came across this news of hostgator (currently my own hosting provider) suspending a user’s shared hosting account apparently because of increased CPU usage due to an SEO plugin, and that too without any prior notice. Shocking! Isn’t it?

What’s your take?

I know that this is a very subjective topic. Some of you’ll agree with my ideas and some of you won’t.  Some of you may even have more number of reasons to rather go for annual payments! Can you share your thoughts with me in the comments below?

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