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WPWebHost – An Affordable and Comprehensive Package For Bloggers

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Let’s admit. Choosing a web hosting provider for your WordPress site seems a daunting task, for that it requires lots of research on best web hosting services that are full of features and at the same time do not break your budget. In fact, there is no such thing like a perfect web-host since the definition of being perfect varies from person to person subject to fulfillment of his/her expectations. No doubt, choosing your perfect host is a hit and trial exercise.

For instance, when I shifted from blogger to WordPress, I chose Hostgator. Why? Because it was popular, cheap and offered the flexibility of monthly billing. But sooner, it started disappointing me with downtimes as long as hours! Even their support team seemed unapproachable with long wait times. This compelled me to again research for the best hosting providers for WordPress and I stumbled upon SiteGround. Till date, I’ve no issues with SiteGround. I’m fairly satisfied with their performance, but again their relatively expensive plans with annual billing is a turn off.

Last month, I stumbled upon a fairly new but impressive web hosting service provider dedicated truly for WordPress – WPWebHost. With plans starting from as low as $8 per month, WPWebHost has seemed to be an affordable, yet comprehensive package dedicated to WordPress bloggers. I thank Andy Saw, the man behind WPWebHost who gave me this opportunity to try the WP lite plan free for the first month! These are the unique features that have impressed me so far:

1. Performance Optimised Environment:

WPWebHost is by default powered by a strong architecture that includes PHP 7.x, HTTP/2, NGINX and Memcached on a SSD storage. This empowers the websites hosted on the web server to run in an optimized environment and at blazingly fast speed.

2. Enhanced Security & Backup Protection:

The importance of having an HTTPS connection cannot be discounted especially in an era where popular web browsers like chrome effectively block connection to websites with unsecured transfer protocol. At the same time customers do view that green bar of HTTPS in their web browsers as a sign of trust and credibility. Can we ignore having an SSL certificate in this scenario? Never! WPWebHost provides a life time free SSL certificate powered by ‘Let’s Encrypt‘ with every hosting plan.

What’s more? On security and maintenance front, WPWebHost ensures automatic daily malware scanning & patching with backup included! Can you ask for more? I doubt.

3. Powerful WordPress Toolkit:

The unique part is that WPWebHost is dedicated to empower websites especially hosted on WordPress! Here are some of the features exclusive to this WordPress Web Hosting:

  • Easy 1-Click security hardening: The WordPress toolkit automatically checks for security vulnerabilities and recommends the best security patches that can be applied with just a click. Have a look at the screenshot below:
  • Malware Management: The Patchman feature keeps working silently in the background to ensure that your account is free from any malicious software/malware.
  • Free backups and restore: You can backup and restore everything from website settings, content and email accounts.

4. Free Jetpack and domain included in every plan

WPWebHost comes with four plans – WP Blogger, WP Lite, WP Plus and WP Geek. With every plan, they include a lifetime free .blog domain and Jetpack (Free, Personal and Professional). This Jetpack hosting comes with rich add-on features like premium WordPress themes, daily backups, protection against brute force attacks, spam/malwar scanning and access to marketing tools like SEO and automatic/scheduled social media posting. Considering the stand-alone price of Professional Jetpack version at $29 per month, its integration to their hosting package is definitely a big plus!

Final Impressions:

Though, being a relatively new service in the world of web-hosting, WPWebHost offers features that are custom tailored to fit the need of a variety of bloggers ranging from newbies to professionals. With so much goodies baked right into their hosting package, WPWebHost doesn’t seem as expensive as its peers. It’s worth giving at-least a try!

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