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Best Free Online Plagiarism Checker Tools/Softwares [2022]

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With over a billion web-pages published on the internet, and over thousands being published every day, two things are certain for sure: One, the web is exploding with information overload, and second, the menace of plagiarism is not going anywhere. Plagiarism is here to stay! Whether you are a blogger or a teacher/professor, you will appreciate how plagiarism checker tools simplify your life. In this article today, I will share the best free plagiarism checker tools that will help you crackdown on duplicate content in your articles or reports within minutes. So, let’s get started:

Plagiarism: An Introduction…

If you are regularly following my blog, you’ll notice that I cover a lot on Plagiarism. Hearing the word Plagiarism for the first time? Don’t worry. I’ll be happy to recapitulate the meaning in brief: Plagiarism refers to copying of someone’s original/creative ideas and using them without linking back/mentioning the original source of the ideas. This literally means digital theft and is liable for prosecution under applicable territorial laws.

Though everyone knows this, the menace often continues unabated. Such unscrupulous people don’t want to sit down for hours and create epic content. Rather, they find recourse in dumb copying and pasting. By doing this, they not only hurt their own blog but also leave the original author with the problems of duplicate content.

As a first line of defense, it’s therefore imperative that we deter such toxic people from duplicating the content. Check out my recent post where I’ve shared how can writers avoid plagiarism online? This is essentially the first line of defense. The second thing to do is to check for duplicate content frequently using some of the best plagiarism checker tools available for free on the internet (that’s what today’s post is all about).

How Do Plagiarism Checkers Work?

We detect plagiarism when the exact copy of an original article, word by word, is found published on some other locations on the internet, making no mention of the source from where it was copied.

To accomplish this, all plagiarism detectors have to find published articles on the internet with occurrences of “exact-match keywords“. This is the basic nature of working for all the plagiarism checkers. For this, they may either build up their own database of websites using their web crawlers or deploy a technology which queries Google’s search database.

The best free plagiarism checker tools for bloggers and content marketers

1. Google

If something is put up online, there is a fairly good possibility that Google will index it. The web crawlers of the search giant continuously crawl the internet, hopping over from one link to another. In technical terms, we call it – indexing. Here, the search engine itself becomes a free plagiarism checker tool. Google is in-fact one of my preferred choices for detecting duplicate content in my guest articles. Here is how you can check plagiarism with Google:

(a) Open your text document, which you want to check for duplicate content on the web. Randomly copy phrases/paragraphs comprising not over 2 lines at one time.

(b) Now inside Google search, paste the copied phrases within double quotes (i.e.; like this “copied phrase”) and hit enter. In technical terms, we call this “exact match” search query. It returns web search results with exact occurrences of phrases/sentences which you think might have been plagiarized. Have a look at the screenshot below:

Checking plagiarism on Google Search

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2. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is my second preferred choice for checking plagiarism for free.


This free plagiarism checker provides you with several options to input your desired text, which you wish to check for plagiarism. You can Copy/Paste the text OR upload a supported document OR even specify a URL which contains the article to be checked for plagiarism. However, there is a limit of 1000 words per Search. This is anyway better than manually performing exact search queries on Google for individual phrases/sentences.

3. Duplichecker

Another free, very simple and straightforward tool to check plagiarism is Duplichecker. With a word limit of 1000 words per search, this plagiarism detection tool is more or less the same in features compared to what Small SEO Tools has to offer. Both these tools provide results in the form of percentage of unique/non-unique content.

The free plagiarism checker tools that I have reviewed above are more than sufficient for bloggers and content marketers. As far as the word limit is concerned, one can always scan a long piece of article (suppose an article of 2000 words) by breaking it into batches. It’s easier and quicker.

However, for the academic community, tracking plagiarism is a tedious process since it requires thorough checking against an extensive database of online published articles, reports, theses and journals. The basic free plagiarism checkers mentioned above will be insufficient for this purpose. I am therefore sharing these advanced plagiarism checker tools for academic purpose in the following section of the blog post.

The best plagiarism checker tools for students and educators (Not free)

Free plagiarism checker tools are very few. I have mentioned the few reliable and trustworthy ones above in the post. On the other hand, there is a plethora of such paid tools and softwares. The growing necessity of detecting plagiarism has created business opportunities, justifying why there are a lot more paid softwares to check plagiarism than the free ones. Now let’s discuss the top one in the paid category:

1. Grammarly

grammarly plagiarism checker

Grammarly is one of the most popular names amongst the educators and student community. Though the name suggests that this is a tool for checking grammar and spellings, it also checks your content for possibilities of plagiarism by comparing it against over 16 billion web pages and reports in its database.

While you can easily check for basic grammatical errors with its free version, but for checking plagiarism, it requires you to subscribe to its premium plan which costs an annual payment of around $140. But that’s totally worth the cost given its advanced plagiarism detection technology.

2. Turnitin

Turnitin is a very well received plagiarism checker tool for academic purpose. With its extensive database of articles, research reports, theses and journals, university teachers can safely rely on this tool for checking plagiarism in the works submitted by their students. Turnitin does not disclose the price of their plagiarism detector. They, however, offer a private quotation accompanied by a follow-up with their sales representatives.

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3. Scribbr

Scribbr is yet another promising paid tool for detecting plagiarism in the academic works. However, it is expensive as it links the price to the word count of the document. With pricing varying from $18.95 to $39.95 against a word count bracket of 7500 to 50,000+ words per document, Scribbr is suitable for colossal academic works like research reports and journals.

4. PlagiarismCheck.org

Used by universities, students, and business owners, PlagiarismCheck.org has advanced plagiarism detection algorithms that help assess texts as accurately as possible. The plagiarism check relies on contextual analysis, word placement, and source scan to deliver more sensible and smarter results.

Online plagiarism checkers can test for plagiarism in all sorts of academic documents from essays and news articles to research papers and dissertations. The tool is a useful plagiarism checker for teachers and students as well, providing both with pocket-friendly rates: Basic (for the price of $5.99), Light ($9.99), Standard ($25.49), and Premium ($45.49).

It’s easy to use, well-suited to students and small businesses, with eye-friendly design and 100% confidentiality.

What’s Your Favorite Free/Paid Plagiarism Detection Tool?

I’ve shared the best plagiarism checker tools available on the internet, both free and paid. Now I would like to have your individual opinion. What’s your approach towards plagiarism? Please share your comments below.

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you decide to click through and make a purchase, at no additional cost to you. Read more about this disclosure

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