5 Types Of Spam Comments & The Best Way To Stop Them

Though I’m not much into blog commenting for building backlinks, but it is perhaps the most easiest way to build quality backlinks for your website (if done responsibly and correctly). For novice internet marketers, comment marketing sounds an exciting and cushy task.


They often hunt for related niche blogs and drop random comments having little to no potential to add any significant value to the ongoing colloquial. Not only this form of back linking strategy stands against a high chance of being disapproved by the moderators, it often militates against your SEO efforts! In this article I will be highlighting 5 types of comments that fall nothing short of being considered as spam.


1. Self promotional

promoted comment

When people make such types of comments, one thing is obvious – they are more interested in promoting their own work rather than adding any genuine views of their own to the article. Secondly, the blog moderator may dislike the presence of that extra outgoing-exit link, which might possibly increase the bounce rate of his post.

2. Comments with custom anchor text instead of real name

custom anchor text comment

Let’s get real. People leave such types of comments just for the sake of getting their desired anchor text link. By hiding their true identity (their real name) and stuffing the name field with commercial keywords, they not only smell questionable but spammy too.


3. Comments with short compliments

short comment

These types of inputs are closely associated with the former ones. What else can disparage a great writer more than a laconic two-word compliment on his 1000 words article? It’s as if being rewarded with a lollipop for standing first in a 1000 mile race! Isn’t it ? The fact is, a non-complacent writer who writes with full heart and energy will never ever embrace such kinds of remarks on his article.


4. Comments with affiliate links

affilate link comment

What impression do you form of the above input? It’s the height of egregious insanity or more precisely I would call, height of making stupid money on the internet. No blog moderator on this earth can tolerate affiliate links in the comments section of his article. Still, I see people dropping affiliate links where ever possible. Thanks to the smart spam detection technology of Disqus, which automatically puts all such comments with questionable links right in the moderation folder and gives me a total piece of mind over spammers.


5. Comments full of adulation

adulating comment

The above type of remark is surely the height of ridiculous flattery. For a non-complacent blogger It adds no real value to his/her piece of writing and thus deserves its place in the spam folder!

How to prevent comment spam ?

Replace your default comment system with a third-party and more powerful one like – Disqus or Intense-Debate.

I have been using Disqus for over a year now and I am extremely happy with its overall performance on all of my websites. Its powerful spam detection technology backed by akismet never lets spammers to leave junk remarks on my articles. Below is a sample screen-shot (partially blurred to respect the identities of spammers) that’s self suffice in accentuating how powerful Disqus is while dealing with spammers!

spam in disqus comments

comments with links disqus

So what types of spammers do you often come across? And what’s your strategy while dealing with comment spam? Let’s “disqus” this in this post :)

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