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Should you consider new domain name extensions in 2024: YES!

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Happy new year friends. We find ourselves in a time where the internet is overcrowded with users, making it challenging to secure desirable email addresses, preferred usernames, and even those sought-after domain names ending in .com – the timeless favourite of all. In this post, I will discuss why it’s crucial to expand your horizons beyond the traditional .com extension and consider embracing modern domain extensions like .space and .money for your favourite domain names.

Basics first: What are domain names and extensions?

For those who are new to the term domain names and extensions, let’s have a quick refresher –

The part of the website address that follows www. is called a domain name (for example, buddinggeek in my case). While, the part that follows the domain name is called domain name extension (for example, .com in my case)

What are new Top Level Domains (TLD)?

New generation domain extensions are the ones that end with popular keywords like money, space, lawyer, blog, etc. Any business can choose their preferred domain extension depending upon the niche or broad topic they are operating in.

For example, a young lawyer who wishes to create his own personal online portfolio may choose .lawyer as his preferred domain extension. Similarly, a finance website or blog may choose the domain name extension .money.

Why embrace new Top Level Domain (TLD) name extensions?

There are plenty of reasons why you must consider new domain extensions for your domain names today:

1) Opportunity to acquire branded domain names

The traditional and ever popular extension, dot com (.com) is already saturated. You’ll find it really challenging to come up with a unique branded domain name with .com extension. That’s where the new generation domain extensions kick in to your rescue. Since these are relatively new, you’ll find ample opportunities to use a branded domain name of your choice. Lesser competition, more choices!

2) They instantly convey your niche

New generation domain extensions use words that are self explanatory of the niche / field that intend to target. For example, dot money instantly conveys that the website is related to finance category. Similarly, dot tech instantly conveys that the website is related to technology.

In my view, this is not only people friendly, but also SEO friendly, as it helps search engines understand the niche of your website quickly.

3) They just hit different

If you want your website to standout and shine bright, then it’s time to forget the .com fatigue! New domain extensions offer a breath of fresh air, like .store for your online shop, .tech for your cutting-edge startup, or .fun for your playful blog. These catchy extensions tell visitors who you are in a heartbeat, and imbue instant personality into your brand. So, it’s time to ditch the dull, embrace the bold! New TLDs make your website memorable, descriptive, and instantly on-brand.

Does it negatively impact your SEO?

According to Google, having a new generation domain name extension other than the .com has no direct effect on SEO value. In fact, its algorithm treats any generic top level domain extension the same way as it treats the traditional .com extension. Therefore, it won’t have any adverse effect on how its algorithm crawls, indexes and ranks your website.

How to buy new Top Level Domains?

Ready to snag a domain name that truly reflects your brand? GoDaddy, the web’s leading domain registrar, has hundreds of new Top Level Domain (TLD) extensions just waiting to be claimed. Whether you’re in tech, finance, or anything in between, there’s a perfect TLD out there for your niche.

No more generic “.com”s! Browse GoDaddy’s easy-to-use categories panel on the left side and discover extensions like “.tech”, “.finance”, and even “.pizza” (yes, really!). Find the one that perfectly speaks to your brand and makes your website stand out.

What’s your take?

So, why not hop on the trend train and try out those new domain name extensions in 2024? It’s like giving your website a makeover – fresh, exciting, and a total game-changer. Trust me, your online space will thank you for this upgrade!

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