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5 Benefits of Having a High Google PageRank (Now a History!)

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[su_note note_color=”#fffa8c” text_color=”#000000″]Please note: PageRank has now been officially killed by Google. The metric is irrelevant today. This article was originally written 3 years ago. [/su_note]

Who doesn’t love pagerank? It is one of the hottest topic found on every second internet marketing forum. We all work assiduously, building quality backlinks day and night, with an anticipation of achieving a good PR one day! In this post I will be discussing some added benefits that come along with a higher PR…

1. Super fast indexing by Search Engines

This is perhaps the most important benefit of having a high PR. A high Google pagerank is one of the factors that results in super-fast indexing of your content (the second factor is how often you update your content).This is the reason why frequently updated content of popular news websites like New York Times(PR 9) and BBC news(PR 9) is indexed by Google within minutes of publishing!

2. High reputation and authority

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Websites with decent PR are naturally considered to be of high authority and credibility. Your website or blog will get more eye balls and attention from your niche and people will be more comfortable in organically linking back to you!

3. More guest post proposals

Achieve a decent pagerank and get ready to get bombarded with guest post proposals, mostly from SEO companies and freelancers. For instance, on my photography blog I saw the guest proposals getting doubled when the pagerank of that blog increased from 0 to 4.
So if you are thinking why is nobody interested in guest blogging on your website, then this might be one of the reasons! Work on it 🙂

4. More comments and discussions

comments discussionsPeople (generally webmasters and SEOs) are more interested in leaving comments on blogs with high PR (just to create a link pointing back to their websites). Although this is very good sign that your visitors are actively engaging with your content and adding life to the discussions, comment spamming often comes along the way!

5. Easy money

Last but not the least, having a great PR really boosts the capability of your blog to attract plenty of money. Money can be made by accepting sponsored posts, selling blog space to sponsored links and advertisements…the possibilities are endless by the way. You have to explore and choose the right one for you!

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  1. thanks dear for information.
    any idea how to increase the PR of my website ?
    i’m new on blogging.

  2. Very good article we all strive to obtain a high Page rank(no matter what they might say) if only for the ego. After a lot of had work I have a pr of 3 and hoping to keep moving upwords

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