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Ultimate Social Deux: Honest Review

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There are many social media plugins available for WordPress, some free, some paid. Amidst this huge collection, it gets very difficult to find a social media plugin that shines perfect from almost every corner.

Ultimate Social Deux is “one of those rarest plugins” !

This post is an honest review of Ultimate Social Deux. So if you’re looking for a comprehensive review of the plugin before shelling out your money, this is the post for you!

Ultimate Social Deux: Why it’s worth every single penny!

ultimate social deux review

Like everyone out there, I also love to try free stuffs. But when the free stuff is not up to the mark and the level of quality that I look for, I never hesitate to shell out my money for paid stuffs! Before I finally purchased Ultimate Social Deux, I tried many free social media plugins from the WordPress repository. First, I tried the WordPress’s very own native Jetpack social share plugin, but it was too austere to catch any attention. Then I tried many other alternative social media plugins (with names like social feather, Mashshare, super this, super that, blah blah). Though they all had very good ratings, but they failed to satisfy me. Some were dead slow while loading the page, some were misaligned, some missed a floating bar, some lacked the fan counter, some had poorly written code….In a nutshell, I couldn’t find a perfect free social media plugin!

I don’t know how I stumbled upon this plugin called Ultimate Social Deux. Ever-since the day I installed it here on my blog, there has been no looking back. I am cent-percent satisfied with its performance. I’ve found all the possible ideal features of a social plugin in a nice small package.

Here are the 5 Reasons why Ultimate Social Deux rocks:

  1. It’s CSS code is lightning fast  –  Did you notice any lag in loading-up of the social media icons present at the top and bottom of this post? Probably not. This is because, the plugin is very neatly coded with light CSS and java-script code.
  2. All desirable features in 1 package – Do you wish your social share buttons to float? Do you wish to display share counters along with total share count? And, do you wish to show off your fan count on various social media networks? Do you want them to be responsive? Ultimate Social Deux has got it all covered.
  3. social deux screenshot1social deux screenshot23. Dead easy customization – Ultimate Social Deux gives you A-to-Z control over the look and feel of your social sharing buttons and fan counters. You can customize almost everything you would want to – ranging from placements, visibility, animations, to even hover colors.social duex screenshot 3social deux screenshot 4
  4. Live Fan-counters – The fan counter widget makes use of your API keys on various social networks, and displays the live fan counter on your website. For a live demo, Check out 3 fan counters on my right sidebar!
  5. Regular updates and awesome support – The developer is responsive. He addresses all the issues on priority basis. What’s more? With a one time purchase fee, you get lifetime updates for the plugin. You can’t ask for more.

Should you buy it?

If you’re looking forward to put a full stop to your hopping between the n number of imperfect social media plugins on the WordPress repository, then Yes, you should definitely check this plugin out. I bet, once you install it on your blog/website, you won’t ever look back. This has been my experience with this plugin 🙂

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