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Extract Contact Details Of 1000s Of Website Owners In Minutes!

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Whether you’re planning an outreach campaign or planning something else which requires you to find out the contact details of a long list of website owners, chances are, you are very much likely to avoid doing such an onerous and stupid task manually! Isn’t it? Are you looking for a free tool that can help you fetch/extract email ids of the admins/owners of 1000s of URLs on your spreadsheet?

Good News – I’ve come across one of those rarest tools, and today I’m gonna share it with you. Full credit goes to my close friend Puneet Bhalla who introduced me to this small, yet very powerful SEO tool.

OK, enough of teasing, now let’s get the curtains off this utility tool.

Meet Rank Cracker (by Matthew Woodward)

Matthew Woodward, one of the popular affiliate marketers from UK shared this secret tool exclusively with his subscribers. Guys, he writes very practical and useful posts. He’s worth following in the digital marketing world. So become his subscriber and get this incredibly useful SEO tool for free!

How to Use Rank Cracker to extract the contact details:

1. First of all, copy all the URLs from your spreadsheet.
sample links on spreadsheet
2. Open Rank Cracker, and paste them in the space provided.
rank cracker interface
3. That’s it. Now hit “Start”. Once the processing is complete, you can export the results in a CSV file format.
results of rank cracker
Sit and relax while Rank Cracker does its work in the background. Here’s what happens – Rank Cracker goes through each and every URL and specifically targets its contact page. There are two possibilities: Either it finds a hyperlinked email address from the contact page, or it doesn’t. In case, it doesn’t find any hyperlinked email, there’s a good chance that there must a contact form on the page. In either case, Rank Cracker saves the results which you can easily export in an excel sheet in CSV format. I’ve tested this tool on many URLs, and it has returned results with over 90% accuracy so far. Not bad, given that the tool is completely free and saves a heck lot of time!


Ideal cases where Rank Cracker can be of immense use:

  1. When you are trying to recover from a Google penguin penalty and planning an outreach campaign to remove all the bad links pointing to your website.
  2. When you’re planning an outreach campaign to find potential partnership opportunities
  3. Anything else which you might have on your mind.

Do you know any other similar tool?

Have you tried Rank Cracker? If yes, then I’m keen to know what has been your experience with this tool? Or, if you know any other similar potential tool, please do share it with me in the comments below.

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