7 Reasons To Root Your Android

What strikes your mind when you hear the word ‘root’ in the droid world? I’m sure, most of you will associate it with voiding of manufacturer’s warranty and with the possible risk of bricking your phone. Right? Well, stop being a craven anymore. It’s time …

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Why The Facebook App For Android Sucks?

Facebook is a multi billion dollar company and undoubtedly the most active social network in the world. But when it comes to their android version, they leave a majority of android users pissed off. Have a quick look at the kind of reviews this app …

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How to restore back default/stock android font

fonts tab in uot kitchen

Ok..so you have rooted your phone and messed up with the stock font that came pre-installed on your android device. Worse, even after performing a factory reset the default font is not restored back. Do not worry..It can be restored back easily. Download FontFix ― …

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