– The Best FREE Logo Maker, Period

A business without a logo is like a person without a face. Just like your face gives you a unique identity in this world, having a unique logo gives a unique identity to your website. It’s in fact very-very important if you’re looking forward to brand your online business. But that doesn’t mean that you […]

How To Create Successful Facebook Pages?

Hey, Do you manage a Facebook fan-page? It’s easy to create one, but it is certainly not easy to attract and retain a consistent stream of loyal fans to your page. Isn’t it? I have a laughable number of fans on my Facebook page at the time of writing this post. Aargh! How do they attract scores of ‘genuine fans’ […]

Blogging Mistakes – I Made These 8 So Far!

Happy new year friends. As another year just passed by, I’ve started ruminating my 5 year-long blogging journey – how it all started, what lessons it taught me along the way and where am I finally leading? Blogging has been very exciting so far. I saw so many ups and downs, made many silly blogging mistakes, […]

5 common blogging myths – BUSTED!

Myth #1 – Blogging = Content writing A lot of people have this misconception of relating the word ‘blogging’ with ‘content writing’. There is a huge difference between the two. Content writers are those who can write on a plethora of diverse topics. Throw at them any topic – photography, parenting, relationships, finance, travel, you […]

Block Calls & SMS On Nexus 4 and Nexus 5 (No App Required)

Annoyed by those unsolicited telemarketing calls and SMS? Why wouldn’t you be? After all we all hate them Well, if you own a nexus or a play edition device (even near-to-stock android devices like moto g, e and x will do), then there’s a way to block all those annoying calls and SMS. And the […]