High Quality Backlinks Are Never Created. They Are Earned!

Hello  friends! How are you all? Today I met one of my close friends who just joined a digital marketing agency in Mumbai, having offices in US, UK and Australia. He has been appointed as an SEO associate there. Wow, that’s so cool, isn’t it? Out of curiosity I asked him – It frankly turned me off. […]

5 Essential Skills For a Successful Blogging Career

Blogging is no more a mere time pass or hobby activity. Those who think this are perhaps living under a rock! Seriously mate. Today, blogging has created many successful entrepreneurial personalities on the internet. But to have a successful career in blogging, you need to have certain core skill sets. Sure, opening up a blog […]

My Viral Traffic Experience: 20000 Visits In Just a Day!

Hi friends. I believe that “happiness and joy” when shared, gets multiplied. There is no happiness in achieving a success (no matter how big it is) when you can’t even share it with people who you love and care. I love my readers, and that’s why today I’m sharing my happiness with you all. As a blogger, […]

Why I love Nexus more than any other Android device!

I’m a die-hard fan of nexus (perhaps nexie?) devices. My first ever android phone was the little HTC wildfire. The poor little device had inferior specifications – tiny screen size, low internal storage, low RAM, and was stuck with the outdated gingerbread by HTC. Then I purchased the Nexus 4, and it completely changed my […]

Hostgator Hatchling Plan: Honest Review

So you’ve just bought your desired domain name and now you just can’t wait to start your own self-hosted blog on WordPress? Great choice! But to start blogging on self-hosted WordPress requires one to first of all buy some hosting space through popular web-hosting service providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, Dreamhost, there are many… As someone […]