5 Myths & Realities of Blogging

Myth #1 – Blogging = Content writing A lot of people have this misconception of relating the word ‘blogging’ with ‘content writing’. There is a huge difference between the two. Content writers are those who can write on a plethora of diverse topics. Throw at them any topic – photography, parenting, relationships, finance, travel, you […]

Block Calls and SMS On a Stock Android Device [Without Any App]

Annoyed by those unsolicited telemarketing calls and SMS? Why wouldn’t you be? After all we all hate them Well, if you own a nexus or a play edition device (even near-to-stock android devices like moto g, e and x will do), then there’s a way to block all those annoying calls and SMS. And the […]

Falling Short Of Blogpost Ideas? Try MyBlogU

Writing fresh, useful and engaging posts on a regular basis can be an arduous task (unless you’re running a big blog with thousands of guest contributors waiting for their turns in the queue :D) Composing a great post typically starts with the process of “idea generation”. Once you have enough ideas, examples and case-studies (let’s […]

How To Write From Your Heart?

Writing blog posts shouldn’t be boring. It should be exciting! If you’re writing a blog post under pressure and obligations, then tell me how’s blogging different from a boring nine to five job? Your writing should be creative – every word and sentence of which should appear to have flown naturally from your HEART But […]