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This page briefly describes the type of readership enjoyed by Budding Geek:

1. Matt (United States) 

Matt, 25, from the Bay Area, California, is an avid reader of Budding Geek. Holding a business degree from the University of California, Matt is now a self-employed entrepreneur, running a successful e-commerce website from the comfort of his home!

Matt is determined to take his website to the next level by implementing actionable strategies and sound advice from various credible sources on the internet. He has a very active profile on Facebook, Twitter and Google+

2. Stacy (United Kingdom)

Stacy, 35, from Bristol, is a proud mom of 2 sweet children. She likes to be called by her alternate name – The Mommy Blogger. Yes, she maintains her own personal blog where she loves to share interesting and elegant tips on housekeeping and parenting. One day, she stumbled upon this interesting article on Budding Geek – Image Plagiarism, and ever since then, she became a loyal fan of Budding Geek. She checks the blog quite often to enjoy more interesting articles on digital literacy!

3. Benjamin Strong (Philippines)


Benjamin, 19, from Manila, recently got his new android phone – Alcatel OneTouch as a birthday present. Benjamin loves to read Budding Geek to discover new and exciting tips on Android! He has an active profile on many social media networks 

4. Harsh (India)

Harsh, 26, is a tech blogger from Mumbai, India. He holds an engineering degree in Computer Science from Mumbai University. After having worked with HCL as a software developer for more than 2 years, he finally decided to give up his 9-5 job in order to make room for entrepreneurship. He loves reading Budding Geek to explore new and elegant ideas on technology. Harsh is working very hard to build his blog and he’s poised to become a well-known blogger one day!

5. Heena (India)

Heena is a fashion and beauty blogger from New Delhi, the capital of India. She owns and here’s what she says about me and

He’s the guy I reach for every time I have any query related to my blog, especially technical ones.
He’s extremely patient and helpful. Plus, I love going through his articles on blogging tips and tricks. I have learned quite a lot from them!

6. Sanyam Punjani (India)

Sanyam, an MBA student from New Delhi, India, is another power reader of He plans to launch his own blog on “capital markets and investments” very soon. Here are his words for –

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